The History :-

The 360Wise Brand is in the Top #1 % for Brand  Influence and Social media marketing  globally for celebrity, public figures, actors, recording artist, brands and small business. As seen on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Spin magazine, Business Journal, iHeart, MTV, Rollin Out, All HipHop, Irish Tech News and many other major platforms, the 360Wise Branded Network has tested the main stream media market enough to design and carve a lane of its own.

The Reason :-

The necessity to combat the dumping down of our youth and to create a fair playing field for conscience music was the beginning process and the next thing you know… one thought of positive change turned into a life style of its own.

The Goal :-

The 360WiseNetwork , 360WiseMedia and all of the 360Wise intellectual properties where designed strictly to decrease the disparities in the market place for all colors, cultures and creeds when it comes to Influential communication, brand advertisement, small business and public figure visibility at affordable rates.