Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed

Silky Slim

Activist and Former Gang Leader “Silky Slim” Arthur Reed, founder of Stop the Killing Inc, a youth mentoring program based in Baton Rouge.
His organization provided the first cellphone video of the police shooting of Alton Sterling.
He is now an Activist Motivational Speaker & the FOUNDER / VP of STOP THE KILLING, INC.
Silky Slim is on a mission to stop the violence and senseless killings in our communities.
Silky Slim  believes that violence and senseless killing is a social disease that disrupts the social fabric in our home’s, schools and communities.
Our goal is to build stronger and safer communities by teaching our youth to value life.  We are working toward cultivating a constructive and positive living environment within our communities.
we strive to build stronger communities by working with the schools and parents of troubled teens and young offender’s. By helping them understand the importance of getting an education, making positive choices and staying out of trouble.
We share our life experiences and testimonies with troubled teens and young offenders as a way to prevent them from experiencing a life behind bars.
With more than 20 years experience in urban violence and gang activity, Silky Slim specializes in identifying situations that lead to violence in urban communities, and provide techniques and methods on how to avoid violence and urban killing.
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