Kevin B. Kimble, Esq.

Kevin B. Kimble, Esq. Founder & Executive Director
As founder of the Financial Services Innovation Coalition, a DC based financial services think tank, and with his extensive network of contacts in congress and pertinent regulatory agencies, Mr. Kimble is in a unique position to create connections between government, nonprofits and corporations and facilitate organization, funding and
integration of programs dedicated to financial wellness and accessibility.

Mr. Kimble is a 25-year veteran of Capital Hill and has held positions as chief of staff for a senior member of congress and chief lobbyist for one of the nation’s largest financial services firms. As current DC Bureau Chief for the national chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Kevin has unparalleled access to minority communities and civic leaders around the country. He is routinely called upon and advises members of congress on policy and legislative issues and has been asked to speak to state and local government and testify at hearings.

Kevin has initiated and administered studies and programs related to solving problems experienced by those who are poorly served by the financial services industry. He acts as the board chair for the FSIC American Innovation & Opportunity fund, an organization dedicated to resolving issues of financial services inequality and whose programs encourage social and economic inclusion. Through this organization he has advised many third-party groups, nonprofits, and corporate organizations on how to initiate programs and allocate funds to helping these underserved populations. He has previously
counseled and currently sits on the advisory boards of multiple financial services start up
organizations and is well positioned to act as their voice in congress and with key
regulatory agencies. He has access to many of congresses trusted advisors and a network
of individuals in important financial services agencies in DC and around the country

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