We are at a crossroads

By Dr.Deborah Ann Bartlett

The coronavirus pandemic and the drastic drop in oil prices is a clarion call for all people of all nations to Change our thinking; especially towards one another.

The inequalities between males and females or between Hispanics, Black and White no longer matter in times of global disasters like the Coronavirus (COVID-19) because the pandemic attack does not discriminate. However, after we come out of this pandemic and adjust to the ‘New Normal’ the disparities between the have’s and have nots will still carry the burdened evidence and pain that there is not equal pay for equal work.

It is clear, the venom of COVID-19 is ignoring the traditional paths of discrimination. As a matter of fact the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics on COVID-19 reports that it targets the most vulnerable in health. Every color, every class, gender, and nationality has fallen victim to sickness and or death to the COVID-19. As a matter of fact, to date, more people are quarantined, receiving healthcare in the “wealthy” G7/G12 countries than the developing and underdeveloped nations. The same is true for those numbered in the death count. The first Royal, Princess Maria Teresa of Spain died from the stranglehold of COVID-19. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, The Honorable Boris Johnson, the likely future King of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles have thankfully recovered from COVID-19.

Past and present empires, Italy Spain, Wuhan China, South Korea. London and the United States are vicariously charged with leading the battle to defeat the invisible hand of the enemy.

We are fighting two giants at the same time. The devasting drop in oil prices and COVID-19. For most of us, the quality of our lives is impacted by the condition of our national and global economies. We are being torched! One hundred years after the Spanish Flu, this pandemic preceded by the collapse of oil prices is undermining emotional and economic stability. For example, Russia is fighting tooth and nail to avoid the collapse of its economy because of its dependence on oil and COVID-19.

Nonetheless, there is a silver lining! We have an invaluable opportunity to create a better tomorrow.

There is a global reset that has two paths. Each path has two leaders who travel with their army; greed and selfishness or peace and prosperity. The mighty can fall and the humble will rise again.

Our global crisis highlights that what affects one of us can affect all of us. It is therefore in our individual and collective interests to unite on the path of peace and prosperity. The unifying force of success is vision and values. Therefore, every nation should unite under the vision of economic emancipation! It is the creator of Life’s original plan for you and me.

The Escalating and extremely high unemployment rates on both sides of the Atlantic, the threat of food shortages in food-producing nations, the announced probability by health professionals that there can be another wave of the COVID -19 in the winter are voices that are begging us to change our ways.

The United Nations through its United Sustainable Development goals has aimed for the eradication of poverty by 2032. COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices can only disrupt those plans if we choose the path led by the iniquities of greed and selfish ambition. Generals in that army include envy, hatred, mediocrity, and immorality

The late great Sir Winston Churchill once said that “The further backward you look is the further forward you would see.” Looking back, The Roman Empire was defeated because they abandoned their values. They became an army governed by selfishness, immorality, corruption, and compromise.

We are at a crossroads.

There is a destination to every path that we choose. The path to life or death. I love the national anthem of The Bahamas which is written by Timothy Gibson. Especially the verse.” Lift up your head to the rising sun Bahama land [i.e. Global land]…pledge to excel through love and unity! Steady sunward march together to a common loftier goal…”

Looking forward, Our loftier goal must be to unite to create a culture of peace and prosperity. Generals on this path include love, compassion, integrity, and diligence. This army submits to the leadership of purpose and vision.

When the COVID-19 dust settles increased millions of people from all nations, classes, colors, genders, and creeds will, for the first time in their lives be subjected to poverty.

Slavery is not the intended destination for human potential. We are originally born in the Promised land; the garden of Eden. We are born to help each other succeed!

Let us join hands across the globe and declare, ” My Future is Bright when we Unite!” Let us reset the global economy together!

Destination Economic Emancipation, destination Promised Land!”

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